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Creating of Websites

With creating and managing of websites I started in 2008.

VHS Courses

Since my retirement in 2008 I lecture at the Volkshochschule Schwäbisch Hall e.V. For my course participants I run a ONLINE-Forum, to accompany the VHS courses. I'm the host of this forum.


I design, create and manage websites for friends, artists and companies.

I create your websites for optimized presentation and handling on all mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone and netbook. "Responsive web design" means the automatic adaptation of your web pages to the size of the display of the mobile device. This will make your website easy to use even on small screens. Annoying zooming and scrolling, as well as clicking on the navigation is a thing of the past. Texts and images are displayed in optimal readability. Your potential customers will appreciate the comfortable handling of your homepage.

Anyone who runs a website should worry about such a mobile optimization, because in the future, websites are accessed by potential customers predominantly with mobile devices! In February, Google announced in a message to webmasters that in the future the mobile-friendliness of websites will be considered a ranking factor ("mobilefriendlyness as a ranking-signal"). The change in the search algorithm means that when Google searches with a smartphone or tablet, those websites with mobile optimization will be listed higher in the search hits than websites without such mobile optimization. This change has been effective since April 21, 2015 and will strongly influence search results in the short to medium term. However, this change only applies to the search using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks), but not the hit lists that are generated via desktop PCs.

Call me and ask for further information on the mobile optimization of your homepage. I would like to call you for a personal conversation and make you a free offer.