in these bands I made music

I was the drummer in local bands like "Trampers", "Grandpas Pitchfork", "Mcdonalds" and the "Bandys" in the sixties and seventies. That was the time when I learnt to play guitar.

the mcdonalds

Members: Rolf Weinmann, guitar, Erich Weinmann, bass, Gerhard Weinmann, drums, Erich Wolf, guitar.

grandpas pitchfork

With the Grandpas Pitchfork I played temporarily, when the drummer, Eugen Däuber, was injured. Members: Hans Skaritzky, guitar, Helmut Knapp, bass, Hans Dieter Kütterer, guitar, Alois Rupp, keybord, und Eugen Däuber(+1999), drums.

the trampers

Members: Harry Hopf (+ 2010) bass and keybord, Walter Hopf, guitar, Hartmut Wolfram, guitar and Erich Wolf, drums.